Bulldog Nation Announcements

2020 Kindergarten Enrollment Information

For students that have not completed the screening process, schools will be reaching out to schedule appointments for June 29 and 30.

2020 Summer School

Virtual summer school sessions from students 6-12 will run from June 5 - July 2 and July 6 - July 31.

In person summer school will take place July 13-July 31.

Pick Up Information

You have received district communication in regards to school closure for the remainder of the year.   Please know you are not in it alone. If you need anything during this time, WYE is an email away. Our teachers are also ready and willing to help, just an email away.  Although our building will be closed for the remainder of the school year, the office will remain open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays until May 22nd, from 9:00am-3:00pm.   More information to come soon. 

Please know that during these times, there is no expectation of perfect. Our staff have worked to give you resources to help create some normalcy for your kids, but we most definitely don't expect you to do it all, there will be many choice items. We know that you have so many other things you are trying to shuffle.

On Monday, May 18th,  families are invited to pick up your student items that were at WYE and to drop off your 2nd learning packet from  WYE from 9:00 AM to 4:00PM

We ask that all our families drive up to WYE to pick up their student items and drop off their 2nd learning packets.  We will be a Meal Drop Off Site from 11:00-11:30 Monday-Thursday. 

Things to keep in mind:
• Stay in your car at all times please! 
• When you get to the learning resource site please have the sign from the parent email posted/hard copy given at last packet distribution or let the staff member know who your child(ren) is(are). That staff member will radio to the packet pick up location that you are coming and will have the materials ready. 
• Once the staff member gives you the go ahead, please continue forward to pick up your student items. For the safety of all, we are keeping traffic to a single file that runs the length of the school. We will have staff come to your car with the materials. Again, please pop your trunk and we will place them in there for you. 


Our Building

3600 Davidson Road
Independence, MO 64055
(816) 874-3740

Our Staff

Kerri Edwards

Missie Goss
Administrative Intern

Kimberly Porterfield


May 18th: 2nd Packet drop off and Student items can be picked up from 9am-4pm
May 21st: REVERSE Parade from 5pm-6pm; 5th grade start 5pm and K-4th from 5:30-6pm.  


Please consider joining PTA 

Please visit the enroll link for more information on enrollment 

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